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About Us

Anwar Kanaan Company was established in Nablus, Palestine in 1952 as a leading

olive oil soap manufacturer in Palestine

Anwar Kanaan’s first product was the traditional olive oil Nabulsi bar soap, which is

famous in Nablus since the 14th century. Anwar Kanaan soap factory is one of the most

famous Nabulsi soap factories remained in Nablus since then 

The history of Anwar Kanaan Co. since 1952 can be summarized as follows:

In 1952 the traditional soap factory was established to produce kernel olive oil green


In 1959 a toilet bar soap line was introduced to produce pure olive oil bar soap with

modern shapes (difficulties encountered since the titer of olive oil is different from the

titer of fats and other oils usually used to produce toilet bar soap. Instead, a part of this

line was used to produce “powders and flakes” soap for delicate fabrics wash)

In 1963, a new soap factory was built to address the increased demand on this product

In 1969, an olive oil kernel extraction plant was established to produce oil for the soap


In 1980, improvements on the kernel drying, bleaching, evaporation and solvent

extraction system were made and steam boiling was added to the soap manufacturing


In 1998, difficulties encountered and the kernel oil extraction plant was closed as the

solvents required for the process became very hard to obtain in our area

In 2000, a research on the burnt and extracted olive kernel was conducted  in

cooperation with An-Najah National University to study the feasibility of olive kernel

transformation to activated carbon

In 2004, a pure olive oil liquid soap was developed and a new line was introduced to the

factory for this product

In 2014 a family of olive oil based skin care products were developed and lines were

added to the factory for expansion through out the world